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Diamond Size Chart

This diamond size chart provides a visual comparison of round brilliant diamonds ranging in size from one-half carat to five carats.

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Diamond Size Chart

Download the PDF Diamond Size Chart

"How tall is a 200 lb man?"

Since weight is not an accurate predictor of height, there are nearly as many answers to that question as there are 200lb men.

And thatís the same problem with trying to figure out "how big" a one-carat diamond is. "Carat" is a measure of weight, not dimension and not all one carat diamonds have the same dimensions.

However, all one carat diamonds of the same shape (such as "round brilliant" or "marquise") are approximately the same size. While thereís still some room for variation (like people, a diamond can be "tall and thin" or "short and fat"), it is possible to give a reasonable estimate of the dimensions of a 1-carat round brilliant vs. a 3-carat round briliant.

And thatís what this brochure provides — a glimpse at the average dimensions of round brilliant diamonds.

Our printable Diamond Size Chart has nine life-sized hands wearing life-sized round brilliant diamond ring with carat sizes from 1/4 through 5 carats.

diamond size chart .25 carat diamond size chart 1 carat diamond size chart 5 carat

Download the PDF Diamond Size Chart

This downloadable and printable file is in the PDF file format and requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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