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Learn about an excellent option for the diamond customer who isn't able to spend weeks learning about the charteristics of diamonds.
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Preset Diamond Rings vs Build Your Own

The decision to purchase an engagement ring can be stressful enough, but add to this the number of options that a customer has is enough to scare them away from the decision all together.

No more than 20 years ago, the decision on what ring to buy was as easy as walking in to your local jeweler, telling the shop worker how much you wanted to spend and picking one ring out of five.

Now, customers are faced with the decision to purchase at a brick and mortar store or purchasing from an internet retailer.

Once the decision on where to purchase is made, the customer must then decide the type of ring they wish to purchase. Do they go the easier route and select a traditional preset ring or do they chose to build their own?

As the wave of internet diamond purchases surge, consumers are making the decision to comprehensively educate themselves on diamonds and how the characteristics determine not only visual appearance but price as well. The build your own ring option supplies a nearly endless combination of diamonds and settings, but it may not be the best decision for every customer. Many customers just do not have the time to spend days and weeks learning about all of the diamond characteristic particulars and the intricacies of the diamond buying process to ensure that they are making the best possible decision for themselves and their soon to be fiancÚs.

Blue Nile makes the decision to purchase preset engagement rings remarkably easy. They have selected their best-selling engagement ring styles and pre-set them with exceptional quality, ideal-cut, GIA certified diamonds. Customers have the ability to select from 14k white gold and platinum settings, three different diamond carat weights and four setting style options. The prices for their preset collection start at $1,600 and are 20-40% lower than traditional jewelry stores. The best part about buying a preset engagement ring from Blue Nile, it ships within 24 hours! View their entire collection of preset engagement rings here: BlueNile.com Preset Engagement Rings

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